The retreat of Emaus is a spiritual experience that takes place on a weekend starting on Friday and concluding on Sunday with the Holy Mass. The retreat is based on the passage of the Holy Scriptures, where Jesus was introduced to two of the disciples who were on the way to a town called Emaus, shortly after his resurrection. (Luke 24: 13-35)

Our Lady of Fatima in Galena Park, the Emaus retreat came in December 2011, which was in English for men, followed by women in March 2012, also in English. The second women’s retreat was in Spanish in November of the same year and the second of men also in Spanish was in December, so far November 2016 we carried a total of 15 retreats for both men and women in Our Lady of Fatima Church. All this thanks to the efforts of Maggie and her husband Juan Carlos Lopez and our pastor Rev. Vicente Agila.

Our Emaus groups are formed by all those brothers and sisters who have walked the experience of the retreat and now they are committed to continue working in this process of evangelization through sharing and with the immense commitment to grow this good news in our parish.


Emmaus Women: Francisca Duarte
Emmaus Men: Martin Duarte