Catholic Christian Family Movement

What is M.F.C.C.?

It is a Catholic Movement of Families:mfcc-logo-small
  • They have decided to be happier and truly Christian.
  • They are interested in all that relates to the family.
  • They enthuse to understand the importance of marriage as the cell of society.
  • They want to change the atmosphere in their parish


What is the purpose of M.F.C.C. ?

  • Communication and dialogue between Spouses to develop and strengthen their marriage.
  • Opportunities for dialogue between parents and children, thereby promoting greater union of the family and the development of each of its members.
  • Develop a family lifestyle according to Human Values and most appropriate to their Christian circumstances .
  • Better understanding of the environment in which they are so that they can adapt, select and enrich the environment with their own cultural values.
  • Compression of the problems of the community and desire to seek constructive changes.


What is the purpose of M.F.C.C.?

The Christian Family Catholic Movement aims to:
  • Unify more marriages.
  • More harmonious relations between parents and children.
  • Happier homes
  • More honest environment where children can grow and develop Christianly.
  • Communities form truly Christian.
  • Restores FAMILY in CHRIST!