Altar Servers


What is the ministry of Altar Servers?

The ministry of Altar Servers is to assist the priest in the Mass and other Liturgical Celebrations. It is a very important and honored role that gives adolescents an opportunity to learn and grow in their faith.

Who can be an altar server?

Any boy or girl who has completed the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist can serve as an altar server.

How to join:

To become an altar server, the child must attend at least 3 training sessions. These sessions are held every Wednesday at 6PM in the Temple.

Other Activities

In addition to serving, altar servers are encouraged come to a class once a month to help them learn more about the mass and get to know servers from other mass times. There is also a movie night twice a year to reward them for their hard work.

For more information please contact Julie Arellano.