The acolyte is the person who helps mainly preparing the altar and the sacred vessels for the celebration of Mass apart is responsible for ensuring that the MESC, Lectors and hospitality group are prepared and on time for the celebration.

 The acolyte may carry the processional cross or book for the priest.

 The acolyte helps prepare the offerings and can help prepare the altar for the celebration and is an auxiliary of the priest throughout the Mass if necessary.

 The acolyte is responsible for washing the sacred cups and drying them, cleaning the patens and storing them in their place also leave the purifiers in the proper place so that they are properly washed, all this at the end of the celebration.

 In order to be a Acolyte, certain requirements must be met, such as:
• Have all the sacraments
• Being baptized
• Confirmation
• Marriage for the Catholic Church.
• Constantly confessing
• Communion in all celebrations

 This group meets every three months to do practice or inform about what happens in our parish, and to deliver the schedule that we have of service in which it indicates to them that day and hour corresponds to them.

 For more information please contact the parish office.